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An artist-run record label.

Actual Size is an umbrella organisation / diy label setup by UK band Leisur Hive to document their music and that of their many and varied projects. It is currently run by members of the band The Infinite Three. The first release was Leisur Hive's 3 Ton Edition CD from 2004 which received glowing reviews in the UK music press as well as radio airplay on XFM and BBC Radio 6. Since then some smaller more 'home made' releases have been put forth such as the first Sweetie album (Dan of Leisur Hive's electronic noise project) and the 2nd record by Un (R.Allen, drummer of Halo and Leisur Hive). Subsequent releases have included work by The Infinite Three, The United Kingdom, Sweetie, Slunq and Bent Husbands. The current focus of the label is to release our own work (primarily The Infinite Three and Slunq). As such we are not looking to work with new artists at present. Although this may change. That is all I can remember.

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A small selection of our releases. For our full discography, visit our Bandcamp page here.


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