Whether your dream is to finally win the Loudness War, or to rise above the petty affairs of mortals and bask in the lush, rich glow of a Full Dynamic Range, YOUR GOALS ARE OUR GOALS.

We provide genuinely affordable, great sounding audio mastering for all genres of music (but with a slight preference towards the alternative, experimental, leftfield and weird). Contact us now to discuss your project.


£30 for one song (up to 10 minutes)

£100 for an EP (up to 30 minutes)

£150 for an album (up to 60 minutes)

£200 for an album (up to 80 minutes)

Our default approach to mastering is transparent and natural, preserving the dynamc range and overall feel of your carefully crafted mixes, while also providing a finished master that meets all of today’s reccomended loudness levels for streaming.

Listen to the examples below. Click play to start listening and click the buttons Unmastered and Mastered to toggle between the tracks.

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While cheap online mastering tools can sometimes suffice, what you really need after hours of perfecting your mix is another pair of human ears (preferably belonging to a mastering engineer) to treat your music with the respect it deserves. And at £30 per song we are one of the only genuinely affordable services around!

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