The Shining Tongues – Make Us Eat – Press Release

The Shining Tongues - Make Us EatThe second single from Daniel Knowler’s new collaborative project with members of Living With Eating Disorders, The Infinite Three, RobinPlaysChords.

Single release: 24th September 2020
Label: Actual Size Music
More info:

In March 2020 Daniel reconnected with Infinite Three bassist Sam Mclaughlin to begin a new collaborative project. Taking their previous band’s post-punk urgency and adding an atmospheric gothic folkiness along with elements of drone-rock, psychedelia, spiritual jazz and soundtrack music.

Second single, Make Us Eat was written and recorded in March 2020, just as London entered lockdown and the world began to feel like an eerily distant place. The song captures a sense of social and political entropy, with a few rays of hope and joy shining through.

Recording was completed remotely with contributions from Robin Jax of RobinPlaysChords (additional guitars) and Andrea Kerr of Colt / Living With Eating Disorders (backing vocals).


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