The Shining Tongues – The Prayer EP – Press Release

The Shining Tongues - The Prayer EPThe new EP from Daniel Knowler’s collaborative project weaves dark psychedelic sound-worlds of melancholy, joy, ecstasy and terror.

Release date: 21st January 2021
Label: Actual Size Music
More info:

The Shining Tongues is the new project from The Infinite Three’s Daniel Knowler.

In March 2020 Daniel reconnected with Infinite Three bassist Sam Mclaughlin to begin a new collaborative project. Slowing down their previous band’s post-punk urgency they added an atmospheric gothic folkiness along with elements of drone-rock, psychedelia, spiritual jazz, post-rock and soundtrack music.

The four songs on The Prayer EP were written and recorded throughout 2020 as an attempt to make sense of the inner worlds many of us found ourselves exploring, either willingly or otherwise. Belly Of The Town in particular is a love-song to friendship and human connection, while The Prayer itself attempts to capture a sense of semi-religious ecstasy. And Shy Contortionist dates back to Daniel’s time in the post-punk band, Leisur Hive, originally written with Maria Vellanz back in 2003.

Recording was completed remotely with contributions from Ben Mclees (This Is Radio Silence), Orlando Harrison (Alabama 3), Maria Vellanz (Bent Husbands), Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (Larsen), Ally Morton (Massa Confusa) and others.


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